Cats Swallow The Darndest Things

You know how most cats won’t take a pill even if you bury it in fillet mignon?

And what’s up with cats who turn their nose up to variety after variety of premium cat foods?

Some of these feline princes …

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ProHeart6: Memory-free Heartworm Preventive

The best parasite prevention is the one that is present when the parasite shows up. If a heartworm preventive treatment is 100% effective, but is not given at when needed and on time, heartworm disease is a risk.

We’ve discussed

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QUIZ TIME! Working w/ the CVCA School Of Medical Professions, Part 2

I’ve been fortunate over the past couple of years to spend some time with Juniors and Seniors from Cuyahoga Valley Christian Academy‘s School of Medical Professions (SOMP). Mr. Rick Lyons has put together a very good program that both …

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Eye Abnormalities Ought Not Be Ignored

All of us mammals were born with two eyes, and when something goes wrong with one of them, help should be sought. We see a variety of eye abnormalities in companion animal medicine. Here are some examples…

The most common

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Value of the Microscope

Stepping into our blog spotlight today is… our microscope. Nearly all of us have used a microscope at some point in our lives. For most it was during a high school biology class. You may have seen an amoeba or …

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