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QUIZ TIME! Working w/ the CVCA School Of Medical Professions, Part 1

I’ve been fortunate over the past couple of years to spend some time with Juniors and Seniors from Cuyahoga Valley Christian Academy‘s School of Medical Professions (SOMP). Mr. Rick Lyons has put together a very good program that both exposes the medically inclined high school students to a variety of career options as well as [...]

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Case of the Month: Pneumonia in a Puppy

The puppy had just been delivered to his happy owner. He was bouncing around, yapping, playing like a puppy should. And then he started to act tired. Real tired. His nose got snotty, he lost his appetite, he couldn’t seem to get comfortable. His owner knew something was wrong. As I entered the examination room, [...]

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The Flat-Faced Snorer

Does your dog wake you up at night with his snoring? Does your dog get tired easily and seem to have trouble breathing after exercising? Does your dog have a flat face? If you answered yes to all three questions, they’ll all related. Find out what is going on with your dog and what you may be able to do to help out.

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