Cats Swallow The Darndest Things

You know how most cats won’t take a pill even if you bury it in fillet mignon? And what’s up with cats who turn their nose up to variety after variety of premium cat foods? Some of these feline princes and princesses act like they own the world when it comes to the food they [...]

Urinary Obstruction in a Male Cat

We’ve had a few things to say about urinary health on the pages of this blog, and today we’re going to talk about the life-threatening emergency situation that is a male cat with urinary obstruction. Urinary Crystals,as seen through microscope Distended Bladder This is more of a problem for male cats than females because of [...]

Laser Declaw: The Gold Standard for Surgical Technique

Nearly four years ago I wrote a post entitled “Laser Declaw: The Best Comfort For Your Kitty.” Since that time, the post has been read by internet searchers from all over the state, the country and in several part of the world. We’ve had feline owners come to us from many miles away so that [...]

How Much To Feed A Cat

Ever wonder why some cats seem to just pack on the pounds? And when they get a little chubby, and you try to cut back on the calories, they just seem to get more and more chubby? Let’s chat. Cats & Calories The average cat needs 50 calories per kilogram per day to sustain a [...]

Feline Hyperthyroidism

Just like on the human side of medicine, animals can struggle with thyroid issues, too. Dogs tend to struggle with hypothyroidism, an under-production of thyroid hormone. Cats, on the other hand, deal more with hyperthyroidism, an over-production of thyroid hormone. Revisiting the role of thyroid hormone, it’s job is to drive the metabolism of every [...]

Frequently Googled Questions, Pt. 1

Join us for Part One of Frequently Googled Questions.

Pets in Cold Weather

The one idea that we’d like to communicate with regard to the idea of hypothermia is this: hypothermia is a big deal, and it is not always straightforward to correct. If your pet is left outside for an extended period of time, seek the attention of a veterinarian

Treating the Inappropriate Urinator

When it comes to urination, our patients suffer throughout the day when their underlying disease is not treated. While it can be tempting to want to simply treat the symptoms, it is so important to find out the cause of the symptoms and treat the cause. Your pets will be thankful for your diligence and they’ll be on the road to recovery sooner than later.

Dental Disease in Cats Diminishes Quality of Life

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” a wise man once said. While we can help with the cure, we’d rather take the side of prevention with you and your kitty.

First Aid and CPR for Dogs and Cats

Just like with people, accidents and emergencies can happen to animals – so being prepared could make a lifesaving difference!