Case Of The Month: Splenectomy

(The names involved have been changed to protect identities, the medical details have not been changed.) If you only remember one idea after reading this post, make sure it is this: performing a thorough physical examination and establishing a minimum database is of utmost importance. It starts with a patient of ours, Nanook, a senior [...]

A Three-Pronged Approach to Getting Your Pup to a Healthy Weight

Pet owners need to take a proactive stance and intervene when they notice their dog is gaining weight. Of course, it’s important to check in with us before making diet or exercise changes for your dog. Here are a few tips to begin a healthy weight loss regimen and…

Don’t Dabble in Doggie Distractions

While May was National Trauma Awareness Month, the American Trauma Society will probably not be upset with us if we bring attention to the cause in August. And to show you right off the bat that the suggestions that are given below are very do-able, I’ve enlisted Raj to show how happy dogs can be [...]

Case of the Month: Discospondylitis

When it comes to discospondylitis in dogs, there’s not a big body of literature available to aid in the diagnosis and treatment. In this month’s Case Of The Month, we review Dr. Ryan’s Boxer, Bridget, who struggled with discospondylitis in late 2007.

Dr. Ryan Talks Canine Obesity On MY BUDDY BUTCH

I recently had the opportunity to talk with Jeff Marginean, author and host of My Buddy Butch, about the recent survey by Pfizer Animal Health’s Veterinarians Against Canine Obesity and some of the important points associated with identifying, treating and managing the disease of obesity. The interview will air on July 21 & 22 on [...]

Canine Hypothyroidism

Hypothyroidism is the most common endocrine disease that we see in dogs. It is diagnosed relatively easily, and is treated both easily and inexpensively.

Pets in Cold Weather

The one idea that we’d like to communicate with regard to the idea of hypothermia is this: hypothermia is a big deal, and it is not always straightforward to correct. If your pet is left outside for an extended period of time, seek the attention of a veterinarian

Treating the Inappropriate Urinator

When it comes to urination, our patients suffer throughout the day when their underlying disease is not treated. While it can be tempting to want to simply treat the symptoms, it is so important to find out the cause of the symptoms and treat the cause. Your pets will be thankful for your diligence and they’ll be on the road to recovery sooner than later.

First Aid and CPR for Dogs and Cats

Just like with people, accidents and emergencies can happen to animals – so being prepared could make a lifesaving difference!

vaccination nation: Are we over-vaccinating our pets?, pt. 2

There is never a reason to give a puppy a vaccine that he or she doesn’t need. The purpose of a vaccine is prevent disease in the patients that are at risk for the disease. Dr. Ernie Ward joins us to talk about the importance of vaccines and which vaccines are important for puppies.