Flea Control Made Simple, v.2015-2016

Remember that loooooonnnngggg, wet spring/early summer of 2015? Remember that relative non-winter of 2015-16? The fleas do, and they loved it. (The ticks have loved these seasons, too.) We’ve been seeing lots and lots of flea cases over the past number of months (yes, even through the winter and spring!). If a flea made it [...]

Frequently Googled Questions, Pt. 2

Join us for Part Two of Frequently Googled Questions

Flea Control Made Simple (and Safe!)

Are fleas running your house and getting you down? Don’t worry, it’s a winnable battle! Here’s how…

New Advancements in Parasite Control – Trifexis

Our move from Sentinel to Trifexis fits with our mission of providing kind, compassionate and comprehensive health care for our patients. When a better product, treatment or procedure comes along, we make it our priority to make it available to our patients.

Fleas, Worms, Ticks and other Parasites

Prevent parasites… for your pet AND for you!
Learn more about the parasites that can bother your pet.