Case of the Month: Discospondylitis

When it comes to discospondylitis in dogs, there’s not a big body of literature available to aid in the diagnosis and treatment. In this month’s Case Of The Month, we review Dr. Ryan’s Boxer, Bridget, who struggled with discospondylitis in late 2007.

Hospice Care for Our Patients

It is not just in the happy, healthy times that we want to provide kind, compassionate and comprehensive care for our patients. The real test comes when times are not as happy and healthy. During this end-of-life time, as much as any other, our goal remains the same.

CFVC Adds Therapeutic Laser!

Therapeutic Laser has applications in three particular areas: wound care and tissue repair, inflammatory conditions, and pain control. In the day-to-day world of veterinary medicine and surgery, Therapeutic Laser provides great help in the management of ear infections, arthritis, skin disease, abscesses and infections, surgical recovery, post-dental care oral healing, bruises and other traumatic wounds, back pain, and the list can go on. If you have any questions about Therapeutic Laser, or if you’re wondering if Therapeutic Laser is right for your pet, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Arthritis Therapy: Think Multi-Modal!

Targeting osteoarthritis from multiple angles achieves the greatest success in making painful pets comfortable.

Broken Tooth: What’s the Solution?

Broken teeth are not uncommon in our pets, and they ought to be treated swiftly and appropriately to stop pain and prevent infection.