Flea Control Made Simple, v.2015-2016

Remember that loooooonnnngggg, wet spring/early summer of 2015? Remember that relative non-winter of 2015-16? The fleas do, and they loved it. (The ticks have loved these seasons, too.) We’ve been seeing lots and lots of flea cases over the past number of months (yes, even through the winter and spring!). If a flea made it [...]

ProHeart6: Memory-free Heartworm Preventive

The best parasite prevention is the one that is present when the parasite shows up. If a heartworm preventive treatment is 100% effective, but is not given at when needed and on time, heartworm disease is a risk. We’ve discussed ProHeart6 in the past. ProHeart6 is the injectable heartworm preventive that protects dogs for 6 [...]

Why Check Poop?

You may have noticed on your reminder postcard a line item that reads “FECAL.” Nobody wants to spend more time than is absolutely necessary thinking about FECAL-anything, but just for a minute, let’s spend a moment thinking about it. Because of the lifestyle of dogs and cats, it is not unusual for them to encounter [...]

Frequently Googled Questions, pt. 3

It’s time for our next installment of Frequently Googled Questions! In case you missed them, here are the links for the First and Second episodes. Before we officially get started with #3, though, I want to make a comment about Dr. Google. While researching on the internet, please do not come to the conclusion that [...]

Parasites Revisited

Hitting the high points of parasites and preventive medicine.

Flea Control Made Simple (and Safe!)

Are fleas running your house and getting you down? Don’t worry, it’s a winnable battle! Here’s how…

New Advancements in Parasite Control – Parastar Plus

Just as our decision to move to Trifexis was because we believe it is a better product for our patients, our decision to move to Parastar Plus is based on our belief that it is the best product currently available for flea and tick control with dogs.

Heartworm Disease and Your Pet

Heartworm disease is a caused by a parasite that lives in the blood vessels around the heart. Dogs and cats acquire these heartworms by being bitten by a mosquito carrying a larval form of the worm. Which dogs and cats are at risk for exposure to heartworm disease?

Lots of Interesting Cases @ CFVC

We see some neat and amazing cases at the Cuyahoga Falls Veterinary Clinic. Here’s a sampler.

Parasites and Animals: Decoding the Label Claims

Words on drug labels are carefully chosen to communicate very specific ideas. Learn how to read the labels of your pet’s antiparasitic medication.