ProHeart6: Memory-free Heartworm Preventive

The best parasite prevention is the one that is present when the parasite shows up. If a heartworm preventive treatment is 100% effective, but is not given at when needed and on time, heartworm disease is a risk. We’ve discussed ProHeart6 in the past. ProHeart6 is the injectable heartworm preventive that protects dogs for 6 [...]

Frequently Googled Questions, Pt. 2

Join us for Part Two of Frequently Googled Questions

Heartworm Disease and Your Pet

Heartworm disease is a caused by a parasite that lives in the blood vessels around the heart. Dogs and cats acquire these heartworms by being bitten by a mosquito carrying a larval form of the worm. Which dogs and cats are at risk for exposure to heartworm disease?

ProHeart 6: Heartworm Preventive w/o the Remembering

A long-term heartworm preventive option is available for your dog. Don’t worry about remembering to give monthly heartworm preventive. Ask us if ProHeart 6 is right for your dog.