Rabies Baiting, 2014

We’ve touched on Rabies in the past and the importance of vaccinating our pets. The state and county health departments take Rabies very seriously. I recently received this e-mail from the Summit County Health Department and I’d like to pass some excerpts from the notification along to you, our clients and residents of Summit County: [...]

2013 Rabies Vaccine Baiting in Summit County

From the Summit County Health Department… Rabies Vaccine Baiting Program for Raccoons and Skunks to Begin in Summit County on August 26, 2013 Stow, Ohio – Summit County Public Health, in collaboration with the USDA Division of Wildlife Services, will participate in a multi-county rabies vaccine baiting operation for raccoons and skunks. This operation is [...]

Rabies: it is here, and it is preventable

Rabies is too dangerous of a disease to be taken lightly.

vaccination nation: Are we over-vaccinating our pets?, pt. 1

There is never a reason to give a kitten a vaccine that he or she doesn’t need. The purpose of a vaccine is prevent disease in the patients that are at risk for the disease. Dr. Ernie Ward joins us to talk about the importance of vaccines and which vaccines are important for kittens.