Urinary Obstruction in a Male Cat

We’ve had a few things to say about urinary health on the pages of this blog, and today we’re going to talk about the life-threatening emergency situation that is a male cat with urinary obstruction. Urinary Crystals,as seen through microscope Distended Bladder This is more of a problem for male cats than females because of [...]

Treating the Inappropriate Urinator

When it comes to urination, our patients suffer throughout the day when their underlying disease is not treated. While it can be tempting to want to simply treat the symptoms, it is so important to find out the cause of the symptoms and treat the cause. Your pets will be thankful for your diligence and they’ll be on the road to recovery sooner than later.

Spotlight on Urinary Health: Accidents, Infections & Stones

Inappropriate urinary behavior is often a sign of an underlying problem in dogs and cats. Rather than guessing and treating symptoms, finding the answers to the underlying problem will be more satisfying for everyone involved and will help your pet experience comfort sooner rather than later.

Litter Box Dynamics

Why do cats stop urinating in the litter box? Dr. Ryan offers a number of suggestions, and an environmental solution to one of the major reasons for inappropriate urination.