Parasites Revisited

Hitting the high points of parasites and preventive medicine.

Heartworm Disease and Your Pet

Heartworm disease is a caused by a parasite that lives in the blood vessels around the heart. Dogs and cats acquire these heartworms by being bitten by a mosquito carrying a larval form of the worm. Which dogs and cats are at risk for exposure to heartworm disease?

New Advancements in Parasite Control – Trifexis

Our move from Sentinel to Trifexis fits with our mission of providing kind, compassionate and comprehensive health care for our patients. When a better product, treatment or procedure comes along, we make it our priority to make it available to our patients.

Parasites and Animals: Decoding the Label Claims

Words on drug labels are carefully chosen to communicate very specific ideas. Learn how to read the labels of your pet’s antiparasitic medication.